Howard Capital Partners is the structured growth capital division of Howard Group.

Howard Group is founded on a strong entrepreneurial ethic – throughout its history it has invested in privately owned businesses. More recently it has focused on private equity style investments. This has been a successful strategy for the Group, delivering an IRR of over 50% since 2003.

The Group, through Howard Capital, is now focused on technology and early stage businesses throughout the south east with a particular focus within the Cambridge area. Cambridge is Europe’s largest technology cluster. Around 57,000 people are employed by the 1,500+ technology-based firms in the area, which have combined annual revenue of over £13 billion.

Howard Capital invests in business sectors which have deliverable products and services and a comparatively short time to market. Where possible we seek to create synergies with the Group’s property portfolio in our choice of investments. We invest alongside private equity funds, angel networks, corporate venturers, crowdfunders and private individuals.

Howard Group is a strong partner for early stage businesses

We have a values based approach which aligns strongly with the businesses we invest in:

  • We provide patient capital. We do not have a fund based structure forcing us to exit at a time which is not in the interests of the businesses we invest in. Many of our investments have been held successfully for more than 10 years.
  • We have no restrictions on following our initial investments with subsequent rounds of capital. Investments can be structured in a flexible manner across debt and equity. We have a strong network of co-investors and providers of later stage capital.
  • We can make decisions quickly – we have short lines of communication and a flat decision making structure.

Our property expertise helps our investee companies with real estate issues – we can develop solutions which address the fast moving infrastructure needs of early stage businesses